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Super Honey with RAW Turmeric & Elderberry

Super Honey with RAW Turmeric & Elderberry

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Super Honey with RAW Turmeric & Elderberry.


Turmeric Zone takes Heidi’s raw, unfiltered, local, North Carolina, wildflower honey (sourced from Cannadys Apiaries in Harrells, NC) and, using an Ayurveda-inspired recipe, carefully infuses it with raw, organic ingredients (including raw, fresh turmeric roots, turmeric powder, elderberry, and ground black pepper) to create a tasty, medicinal blend!

Black pepper enhances the absorption of curcumin which is a compound that is available in turmeric.


The honey is sealed in a beautiful, 12 oz, hexagonal glass jar. The infusion process involved no pasteurization or cooking, so all ingredients are kept raw to retain beneficial enzymes and nutrients. 


Super Honey is a proud Got To Be NC member!




*Stir before using. Pure Raw Honey will naturally crystallize. Place bottle in warm water to re-liquefy. DO NOT feed honey to infants under one year. DO NOT microwave in this container.

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