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Mindfully Sourced With Love

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What is special about Heidi's Honey?

We source wildflower honeys from a local, North Carolina beekeeper. It's made, without pesticides, in swamps and natural areas when bees are not pollinating crops. Our clover honey is from the Dakotas and our certified organic mangrove eucalyptus honey comes from a cooperative of beekeepers in the Sundarban Preserve in the West Bengal area of India.


What is special about Heidi's Maple Syrup?

Our Grade A, Dark Robust maple syrup is high in calcium, potassium, manganese, zinc and iron.


It's sourced from S & S Maple Camp, in the Allegheny mountains of Corriganville Maryland, outside of Cumberland, in the western panhandle. It is a family run business that has been producing maple syrup for more than 50 years.


No pesticides or fertilizers are used on their trees, and no chemicals are used in the production of the syrup.  Maple syrup is also bought by the Camp from local Amish farmers in the area.

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