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Before the honey business, I was a counselor and social worker focused on helping at-risk and foster children. Throughout my life, I have felt passionately called to learning and educating on the inherent connection between overall wellness, what we feed our bodies, and how we interact with our communities and the environment around us.


I was given the opportunity to come into this business through the fortune of friends and family, and have had the pleasure of sourcing our local, North Carolina honey from the same beekeeper for the last 25 years. His family has been beekeeping responsibility and loving with care for more than 50 years!


Fostering supportive, nurturing relationships with the farmers and beekeepers that supply our honey and maple syrup, along with the grocers, bakers, distillers, chefs, and now all honey-lovers, in addition to the planet, is fundamental to why I love my work.


My mission is to help my community feel their inherent connection with nature through the enjoyment of honey. Our first retail bottles of honey available, affectionately labeled Bee-Loved Honey, were born out of a desire to connect and share, not only our beautiful honey, but the love of the honeybee, our natural world, and the interconnectedness of our wellbeing and theirs.

I believe food is medicine and that raw, unpasteurized honey is one of the most complete and whole foods there is. Packed with B vitamins, pollens, enzymes, and trace minerals, honey is anti-microbial (viral, bacterial, and fungal) and plays a role as an antioxidant, helping to combat the inflammation that’s so intimately involved in the genesis of most human ailments.


I feel we are all One and that each decision we make, having to do with nature, affects us in return. So we must, in our own interest, foster a natural world for honeybees, other pollinators, and all insects to thrive. These organisms play a critical role in our ecological symbiosis. In our connection to nature, there is no separation between us and them. Honeybees lovingly provide for their hive, and in doing so, benefit everyone, reminding us to do the same.

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