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Brokering Superior Honey & Maple Syrup Since 1994

In everything we do, in every product we share, every connection we make, love is our priority. To us, this work is about protecting the environment, sourcing product mindfully, cultivating wellness, supportive relationships within our community, and sharing sweetness in any way we can.

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Gene Beane was a beekeeper who started this business in the early 1980s.  He bought honey from his beekeeper friends and maple syrup from a friend who owned a maple camp in Maryland.  


In 1994, after four years as a counselor and social worker to at-risk and foster children, I was given the opportunity to take over Gene’s business. Many of his customers continue as my customers today. Mr. Beane changed my world. I'm so grateful for the opportunities he’s given me to travel, contribute to other wonderful businesses, and to build my own. It’s allowed my family and me to thrive.


My mission will always be to build great long-term relationships with my beekeepers, distributors, and customers in order to bring wonderful products and valuable services at the best prices. I’m dedicated to bringing these products and services by the most environmentally mindful means possible and educating on honeybee and pollinator health issues critical to the health of our environment and therefore ourselves.

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Based In Hillsborough, North Carolina 27278

Serving North Carolina & Southeastern United States

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